Throughout Oklahoma and Texas, Raquel Coleman is an up and coming freelance performing harpist. She grew up surrounded by her friends and family who constantly fostered her already present love for music. When Raquel began playing the harp and pursuing lessons, she realized that harp was her vessel of expression and vulnerability. Raquel’s first harp teacher was Chelsea Bushong of OKC, Oklahoma.

Besides freelancing, Raquel has performed several principal harp roles such as: Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake Ballet (Oklahoma Summer Arts Institute Orchestra), Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet (OKC Philharmonic), Respighi’s Pines of Rome (University of North Texas’ Concert Orchestra), and many more. She currently studies under Dr. Jaymee Haefner, as well as performs with the UNT Harpbeats, an internationally-renowned harp ensemble.

In addition to her studies and performances, she is currently starting to create her own harp studio, in which she can share her growing knowledge on the technique of playing the modern harp. Raquel’s introduction to the harp followed a strict education in the American technique, also known as the “Salzedo” technique. Following this education, Raquel studies with Dr. Haefner, who is recognized as a leading researcher and pedagogue in the French technique. This unique combination of American and French technique allows for Raquel to teach with a method that uses the strengths of both different styles of playing.

When not spending time practicing or performing, Raquel can be found reading, spending time with her Australian shepherds Teddy and Jasper, practicing yoga, or cooking.  She hopes to continue researching the effects that playing music has on the body, both physically and mentally. 

Method of Teaching

Harp is one of the most exciting and satisfying instruments in the world. With a rich history dating back to Ancient Egypt, Ireland, Italy, France and many more areas of fascinating culture, the harp is one of the most interesting instruments to study. If you are curious about learning more about the harp or playing the harp, reach out to contact me here.

There are many ways to teach a musical instrument and usually, students need an individual prescription to become successful and believe in themselves. I base my instruction off of three vital principles. First, I want my students to learn self discipline through playing the harp. This consists of the student being able to deliberately practice to improve their performance consistently. This leads to my next principle of learning to love music. While I will push my students to accomplish goals and cultivate a strong work ethic, I want them to be inspired and love what they are doing. Ultimately, my final principal aims at having my students use the harp as a tool of expression. I want them to make art that represents themselves.

Harp should be enjoyed. Please let me know if you have any questions or think harp could be your form of expression.

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